Modern logistics is becoming more intuitive. Use the voice and hearing of your employees. Free your hands - do more.

Voice Picking systems integrated with your WMS will increase the efficiency of your warehouse logistics by up to 20%. Learn how to improve operations of your warehouse.


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11 | 2018

At the beginning of October, a pilot solution to support inventory sortation for parcel shipments has been introduced to a group of logistics profe...


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Solutions and services for warehouse logistics industry

Each distributor operating on the market has a separate specification and offers a different range of products. Distribution companies must meet many challenges of procurement, warehouse management, quality control and sales.

An effective solution for optimizing logistics processes is the implementation of specialized software. Modern warehouse IT systems provide comprehensive support for broad logistics activities and response to the needs of customers for whom the smooth implementation of complex warehouse processes has become a priority. High-tech WMS systems are dedicated to all companies, which want to increase their warehouse operational efficiency.

Functionality of the system streamlining the internal processes of the company

WMS systems provide an efficient and comprehensive stock management on many levels, increasing the quality of work of the entire logistics sector. Such solutions are able to respond flexibly to received signals, e.g. by initiating quality control procedures and automated notifications..

Modern, fully integrated WMS warehouse systems:

  • Provide full control over the flow of goods in the warehouse,
  • Streamline processes related to accepting, storing, completing and shipping of goods,
  • Use barcode technology,
  • May be integrated with equipment and automation systems used in the warehouse (mobile racks, conveyors, etc.),
  • Guarantee comprehensive support for warehouse management both at operational and managerial level.